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Data Analytics

Data analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information. Data analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories. Data analytics is distinguished from data mining by the scope, purpose and focus of the analysis. Data miners sort through huge data sets using sophisticated software to identify undiscovered patterns and establish hidden relationships. Data analytics focuses on inference, the process of deriving a conclusion based solely on what is already known by the researcher.

We as a team has a vast experience setting up and scaling analytical capabilities for companies in the technology sector. Our expertise is in designing solutions to key challenges facing the industry and delivers them with maximum agility in a manner that makes these solutions sustainable. We helps developing and implementing a personalized, customer centric, multi-channel customer relationship management plan to target right customers and drive revenue growth. Effectively optimizing use of client website by analyzing search trends, navigation paths and other direct channels to generate demand. We also streamline marketing strategies by optimally investing the budget across different channels and help companies forecast revenue and targeting the right users at right time and at right place We leverage advanced predictive analytics to forecast price, demand and accordingly define planning strategy.

We build our products and solutions based on client requirement on Cloud , Mobile.

Financial Analytics

We as a portfolio of analytics solutions for the Banking and Financial Services industry is focused on helping companies address some of the key challenges to drive profitable growth. We help the client through granular insights about the existing users, their needs and buying behaviour. We use these insights to build personalized, customer centric, multi-channel targeting strategies, thereby accelerating revenue growth.We bring deep expertise in helping companies evaluate risks through customer life-cycle and build credit strategies to manage exposure. We mine transactional data to identify opportunities for proactive risk intervention, detect fraud and most appropriate actions to reduce loss.

Insurance portfolio

The Insurance Industry like any other is faced with rising competition, evolving customer preferences and tighter margins. The Insurance landscape today demands strategies that go beyond scale of exposure and underwriting expertise. The ability to use and monetize new sources of data through advanced analytics is going to be the differentiator in the insurance industry. Insurance Analytics that delivers better customer experience, better marketing ROI and clearer understanding of market landscape is the need of the hour for the Insurance Industry today. We help insurance companies accelerate new customer acquisition by leveraging data to increase target pool and build multi-channel targeting strategies to increase response and conversion rates. Our solutions also enable unified customer experience management for retaining existing customers and driving better cross-sell and up-sell strategies. Our Sales Analytics capabilities enable better visibility, predictability and intervention in the sales process thereby improving sales effectiveness. We focus on building the right balance between underwriting effort and risk to improve speed of response and reduce cost of processing while ensuring management of risk.

Retail Analytics and consumer goods

The digital revolution has forced brick and mortar retailers to rethink business strategy. With the growth in ecommerce, customer preferences and behaviors' have changed drastically. The scope of retail analytics therefore has shifted from analysing POS data to analysing huge volumes of data for understanding customer behaviour. To stay relevant and achieve success, retailers need to scale up their analytics to address better product margins, better customer targeting & personalized outreach, better product mix at a store level, data driven decision making around pricing and better return on marketing investment. We help retailers derive actionable insights by generating unified visibility across business performance, customer behaviour, customer experience, sales funnels and web traffic through powerful visualization and insightful reporting leveraging a host of tools like Tableau etc. We provide assortment planning solution leverages advanced retail data analytics to plan assortment mix based on store characteristics, product attributes, time dimension and seasonality, space dimensions, utilization and past sales volume to reduce markdowns, increase sales and reduce stock-out situations.We also help retailers analyse key drivers of store success based on analysis of sales, supply chain characteristics along with trade area, geographical location, demographic data and competition profile to recommend store selection and rationalization strategy to improve overall store performance.

Consumer purchase goods

we help CPG companies take a holistic view of customers, integrate market research, transaction data and unstructured social media information to understand consumer purchase pattern across channels and association across various product lines. This also helps identify opportunities to target “new customer segments” and drive growth.We use advanced analytics techniques, granular segmentation of various channels and stores to identify Revenue enhancement opportunities. We can help CPG clients manage assortment mix, price and positioning at a much granular level through smart segmentation. CPG companies are increasingly looking at going direct. We help them optimize and personalize their customers’ web experience, provide relevant offers by analyzing navigation paths and leveraging smart triggers to reduce cart abandonment. We help companies forecast revenue and deploy sales force effectively by targeting the right channels, retailers, geographies and optimizing coverage. We help increase efficiency of sales force and their ability to connect with customers by providing optimal order recommendations and retention triggers based on analysis of store level buying patterns. We use forecasting and simulation techniques to understand demand patterns and build inventory plans.